jon onj_EFO


Jon Onj - EFO (Official music video) Hyperurl

1st single from upcoming album by Jon Onj - Fochain (release autumn 2020)
Music/Lyrics: Jon Onj Titre: EFO (Official music video)
Mix: Samy Gerard from studio simone rec.  
Master: Alexis Bardinet from Globe Audio Studio
Instagram: @jon_onj

There’s a reason why i trashed
it There’s no words to describe it
efo, efo, efo

There’s an illusion right here
seems to be worn out right here
efo, efo, efo

But what can i learn from that pain
there’s no trust, it’s insane
efo, efo, efo

There’s no time limit to change
waking in the wrong way you will fail
she cooked my love then she burnt it
she tried to reverse it then reject it

Now what can i do with those four chains maybe i should keep them on my mind and never forget the pain she made reload, reload, reload,

Oh why should i live inside this game
i don’t wanna play to be that man
efo, efo, efo
Oh why should i live under those rules
to be a worm would be the same