Writer, Director, Editor, Creative Director Kimdary @kimdary_
Production and Post Production Dust Films @Dust.Films
Associate producer Victor Simonnet @Simonnet_Victor
Associate producer Camille Salvan
Associate producer Antoine Guibert
Executive Producer Kimdary @kimdary_
DOP & Head Operator Camille Salvan @Camille_Salvan
16mm Film Operator Antoinge Guibert @antguibert
Gaffer Hugo Deroo @Hugoderoo
1st Assistant Director Félicie Atohoun @by_nuo
16mm operator Antoine Guibert @antguibert
Colorist François Miens @francoismiens
Wardrobe Stylist Garlone Jadoul @garlonejadoul
Stylist assistant Colyne Chouvet @Colyneck
Casting Director Manon Sassy @manonwilliamssassy
Hairdresser Atsushi Yoshida @atsushiyy
Make Up artist Swan Arnaud @_swan.a_
Make Up artist Virginie Desfontaines @virginie_dsfn
Make Up artist Lou Boidin @saturnmua
Set design Garlone Jadoul & Kimdary
Stage Manager Michael Chereau @bikeistooshortforbichael
Assistant Flavien Segalini @falvien_sgl
Original Music by Sacrés Coeurs @sacres_coeurs_music
Sound Design by Bande de Son @bandedeson

Liam Marquant @liammarquant from @elitemodelworld
Mae Lapres @meimeilapres from @premium_models
MutekiRena @muteki_no_rena from @citymodels
Abigaelle Nobre @abigaelle_nobre
Rhavi @rhaviahadi
Najma Ahmed @itsnajmaahmed from @metropolitanmodelsgroup
Mattéo Pierre Masson @matteopierremasson from @mmanagementmodels

Special thanks:
Versace, Fendi, Celine, Christian Louboutin, Diesel, Acne Studios, Tory Burch, Anthony Fornasari, Agathe Leroy, Almarow, AGL, 8IGB Community Clothing, Anicet, Birkenstock, Emeerree, Julia Bartsch, Paris Texas, YIIIN, Sloggi,
Perrine Taverniti, Skua Studio, Imminent Fantasma, Miista, Sofia Massuti, Maison Montagut, Jeanne Friot, Mara Paris, Levi’s by Vanille Verlöes, Filipe Augusto, Peter Sposito Studio, Perrine Taverniti, Sportmax, Dr. Martens, Galeries Lafayette, Hélène Zubeldia, MM6 Maison Margiela, Polite Worldwide.

FREE : An immersion behind the fashion scene, from fustration to freedom.

Images bombard us now more than ever in print and digital. There is a danger in communicating only with images; we define ourselves by them - and do so without a real awareness of the back story. Unfortunately, this triggers a lot of unhappiness. There’s a lot of progress to be made about the casting which is not enough representative of the audience and the models should be free to be themselves.

Synopsis : Seven models arrive on photoshoot. As on any fashion shoots, they feel forced to remove what make them special. They are forced to act like they are not used to do, forced to be someone else or to hide themselves... they start to feel bored and oppressed...
Free, a short film directed by Kimdary, intervenes to express Freedom in all its forms: free to express yourself, free to move, free to choose your sexual orientation, free not to hide your religion, free to be yourself by not changing your appearance for the others, and free to love.
To convey the message, Kimdary didn’t give any place to any hasard and wanted the icons to wear jeans material and denim. As a matter of fact, Jeans and denim historically represent independance, resistance, unity and solidarity for ages. First challenge : will brands accept to fight against the frozen beauty image ? Finally, well surrounded by good partners, including the French wardrobe stylist Garlone Jadoul, the mission was accomplished : luxury brands as for example Versace, Fendi, Celine, Diesel, Acne Studios, Tory Burch, Polite Worldwide... and other brands took part of the message.

Then came the second challenge : « I had the volunty to make an authentic film and so the cast was one of the biggest challenge : finding fashion models who agreed to fully show themselves without the fear to «shock» the audience and the brands. Indeed for them, contrary to actors, the range of emotions is even more restricted than it is for other people as they “represent” brands...because brands has their clean image ». The casting director Manon Sassy Williams fully responded to the challenge : Rhavi and Liam are an authentic couple in real life and Najma Ahmed wears the hijab in real life too. «Najma is a swedish model who’s been found the day before the shoot. We actually didn’t find any authentic model wearig the hijab in France, as if in France, they were not accepted. All the difficulties we had to cope with for the casting prove once again that this film has its place to convey the message and that there is still a problem regarding the lack of diversity and open- mindedness in the fashion industry.

Nice story : the director couldn’t imagine this film without a good music. So she called Sacrés Coeurs, a French group with whom she worked closely for two months to create an original music to emphasize the message and the spirit of the film. The original music which title wears the same name as the short film, Free, will finally end up in their new album, coming soon.