jon onj feat. charles X_lizard


Jon Onj feat. Charles X - Lizard (Official music video)

3nd single from upcoming album by Jon Onj - Fochain #soulwave #rnb #hiphop

Music/Lyrics: Jon Onj & Charles X
Titre: Lizard (Official music video)
Voice Recording: studiosimone rec. (
Mix: Samy Gerard from studiosimone rec. (
Master: Alexis Bardinet from Globe Audio Mastering (
Directed & edited: Jordan Bard / _chrisbelfo...
Instagram: @jon_onj
Soundcloud: / jon_onj 


Jon Onj :

Until we got free emotions Until we get laid I don't know why I'm still in motion Keeps me out range It's always hard for me to make choices It's a tragedy I know I'm gonna leave my four chains Become a LizardI know I've got to generate profit I don't give a shit I just wanna have chills no benefits There's an offer for those who wants to live their bad movies You got to get out your dreams and get a new skin Become a Lizard

Charles X :

Bounce to the rhythm Once to the feeling Denouncing the lizard Dont let them get in your mind, dont let them get in your mind It's just a little bit of time Until their real skin shows and we hit em with the light Say your superman? Here's some kryptonite Here some gasoline we gone get this lit tonight Your breath smells real bad gingivitis But your teeth real big and they tend to bite And I'm in the mood to get it in tonight With a fight to stand in and the Lord behind me like uh I'm moving these wizards down I'm moving these lizards out like uhLizard you get out of the way Lizard I am coming in Ain't no need to change my face Ain't no need to shed my skin