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Jon Onj - So long (Official music video)

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Directed by: PH DebièsImage: Jean Ratzimbazafy
Drone: Alex Thomas
Étalonnage: Valentin Damon
Costumes: Zélie Bourez
Casting: Sophie Clavaizolle, QÇAM, William Pelletier, Johnny Ruesch, Llineka Tischenko, Eliott Gardon, Billie Blain, Ruth Kouame, Guillaume Suarez Pazos, Omaya Salman, Allan Drai, MNK, Jessyca Gasq, NACH, Adèle Grand, Adèle Prat, Simon Bérard, Jon Onj

Music/Lyrics: Jon Onj
Clavier & guitar: QÇAM
Basse: Simon Bérard
Voices: Jon Onj
Title: So Long
Voices Recording: studio simone rec. (
Mix: Samy Gerard from simone rec. (
Master: Alexis Bardinet from Globe Audio Mastering (


So Long I've been waiting for you so longSo Long Where have you been for so long So LongWhen I was young I used to play with my good friends We were so young that we didn't understand We were looking at the motherland But we didn't know how long that feeling could standSo Long It took so long to find yourself So Long Now you're so close that I won't let you go Now that we broke our chains We will never let you go again So Long I've been waiting for you so long So Long Where have you been for so long So Long